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(  欢迎  来到  少林  武术  )

                 36th. Generation Disciple of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Acdemy (Proclaimed Believer of Chen Buddhism) 


                                         16th. Generation Disciple (Follower) of  Wudang Taoist Traditional Gong-Fu Academy



Ethics of Chinese Martial Art (中国 武术 伦理):

Chinese Martial Art has a Glorious Tradition of 1500 years of Morality, Fidelity, Reverence as well as Hard work & Worship. This art contains many Rules, Ideals & Philosophy. It also develops compassion to help others. Whoever is willing to use it as a Brutal Power to terrorize the World & Mankind are Unfit to learn Chinese Martial Art.


Gong-Fu (龚福)

It is all about Study, learning or practice that requires patience, energy & time, and any discipline or skill achieved through hard work & practice.


Wu-Shu (武术)

A literal translation of the Chinese word indicates Wu=Military Shu=Discipline. Chinese martial art is referred to as Zhongguo Wu Shu, or simply Wu-Shu. Primarily for Exhibition, Demonstration & Sports.


   Taoism (道教)

Taoism, also known as Daoism, is a religious or philosophical tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (Chinese: 道; Literally: “The Way”, also romanized as Dao).

5 Major Shaolin Kung Fu Schools

Song Mountain Shaolin (宋山少林)

Fu Jian Shaolin (傅健少林)

Guang Dong Shaolin (廣東少林)

Si Quan Shaolin (思全少林)

Hubei Shaolin (湖北少林)


Our Training Features (我们的培训功能)

Due to this diverse variety, there are lots of techniques of Shaolin martial arts. Shaolin Disciple trains on the styles that you want to pursue. The master in school are highly qualified, as they require theory, flexibility, strength, and even the ability to endure pain. This is one of martial arts that preach non-violence and other principles that enhance wellness. The monks will normally undergo intense training (for mind and body) to create resilience and bring out the importance of having mental, spiritual, and physical harmony. In fact, China takes pride in having some of the greatest masters in martial arts. All this is practiced in a Shaolin monastery. Age does not determine who can train for Shaolin Kung Fu.

Hooking Hand (钩手)

Hooking Hand is seldom used in Shaolin boxing and is widely used in Mantis boxing, 5-animal boxing, wuzi boxing, etc.

Claw (爪)

Claw varies in different types and techniques i.e. dragon claw, monkey claw, eagle claw, tiger claw, 5-flower claw, etc.

Fist (拳头)

Fist being the most commonly used hand type in Shaolin boxing, it has several techniques i.e. Biao fist, Yang fist, Yin fist, crashing fist, chopping fist, flying fist, etc.

Elbow (弯头)

Elbow is the complement of hand technique. Holding fist and curving elbow rushing forward the opponent’s chest or abdomen is called rushing heart elbow.



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